Real Talk Web Series Episode 105: “Christian Scandals and Sinful Ripples”


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Episode 105 “Christian Scandals and Sinful Ripples” In this week’s episode, the guys take advice from the “fam” and start a new monthly format, “Topic Tuesday” (Yeah...we need a better name). Each month they will take on a specific topic and discuss it, find what The Bible says about it, and overall “dive deep”. This week, the guys take on “Christian scandal” by using two recent situations that rocked Christendom and ask tough questions: What do we do when high-profile Christians have a HUGE and public moral failing? What about Pastors and Christian leaders? What does repentance look like in these cases? Is such a person permanently “disqualified”? How do we know the difference between a “wolf” and a “sheep that made a mistake”? The guys share their perspective and compare that to what The Bible has to say on those questions and more. So, grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and join the guys for some REAL TALK!! Want to ask us a question or suggest a topic for us to discuss? Click the link below! Its completely anonymous!

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