So you want to lose weight, with Cristina Hoyt


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Cristina Hoyt is back and today we’re digging into a REALLY touchy subject for this time of year that hits home for a lot of people – weight loss. Specifically, we’re talking about WHY we all feel like we need and want to lose weight (or it’s basically a death sentence), and how Cristina and I approach the topic of weight loss as non-diet, weight-inclusive nutritionists.

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Discussed on today’s episode:

  • The misconception that the Health at Every Size movement is weight loss shaming
  • Weight neutrality
  • WHY we all feel like we need to lose weight
  • The dominant narrative surrounding health is that we need to be a certain weight in order to be “healthy” or to improve our health
  • How weight stigma is built into the medical system
  • Cultural and social stigma around larger bodies and “health”
  • Action step: so you want to lose weight. What can you do to understand this desire, and what it’s really rooted in?

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So you want to lose weight, with Cristina Hoyt

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