Inside Look: Coaching calls, Imposter Syndrome + More


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Lots of great gems in this episode:

00:18 How to deal with nerves/fears around putting things out into the world (and the reactions of others)

1:30 What to do if you’ve been thinking about starting a podcast

2:42 Inside look at a private conversation with a client

3:03 Rachel shares a big secret-secret

3:39 Imposter Syndrome Questions and Fears

5:25 Rachel goes down a ‘Rachel Rabbit Hole Rant’

8:14 An example of how to own your skills, talents & abilities with confidence

9:17 Side note lesson on how to think outside the box and get the support you need and want, for FREE

12:01 Rachel makes a public declaration and promise for her 7-figure year

12:45 Rachel breaks down how she coached her client through irrational fears

There’s so much more to this episode, so dig in and enjoy!

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