052 Smashing the Patriarchy w/ Polar Tropica


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Hi Y’all!

Welcome to another fabulous episode of Really Real Talk.

Today I am chatting with Ihui aka Polar Tropica, queen of the dreamy synth pop sound.

We chat about smashing the patriarchy (of course), being a child of immigrants (we can relate lol) that don't necessarily encourage arts or creative careers because it isn’t seen as a “real option”.

Despite all that Ihui still pursued her musical dreams and veered from the pressures of what a “model child” should be.

We chat about not fitting into the pre-existing industries and systems in place and creating our own paths instead. We chat about indie labels vs being independent, and the opportunities provided to us via social media these days.

Chatting about why instagram is a great tool but at the same time, it’s totally killing our vibe with the content suppression. We talk about why Trumpfs social media “silencing” is something we’ve been experiencing FAR before y’all ever hear about it and why it’s hard to convince people this is happening.

I ask Ihui about her experiences with Patreon as it is something I am currently working on uploading content to. We chat about building community, direct artist to fan contact….Why it's so hard to accept help from others that want to support you.

And much much much more so take a listen at this really fckn productive conversation!!!

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