Episode 17- What's The Harm In Believing?!? (feat. Aaron The Forman)


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We finally are dropping the infamous "Aaron episode"!!! You've heard us talking about it...well...HERE IT IS! We get into the question of "Is it ok to believe in something, even if it turns out to not be true?' and "What's the harm in believing in something, if it's just your personal belief?"

These lead us into some great conversations, but before that, we got a voicemail from a listener, and we also discuss the passing of Mr. Solo of the seminal 90's Christian rap group, Gospel Gangstaz. As always, we appreciate y'all for listening! If you like what we do, please share the pod! Post on your socials, & text a friend or 2 the link to the show! Also, EMAIL US! We love feedback! ReallyThoPodcast@gmail.com

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