Ep 74: George Floyd's Murder and Anti-Rasist Protests in America with Tai Carpenter


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I just released a special episode of the show with Tai Carpenter who is on the board of Don’t Shoot Portland, which is a nonprofit organisation based in Portland Oregon dedicated to civic participation, community engagement and bridging social justice with art programming. They are playing an important role in helping to organise the current protests in America sparked by the brutal murder of George Floyd on Monday the 25th of May, and helping protesters who are being arrested and detained by police. This is a very important episode if you want to understand more about the political environment that has resulted in the murder of many people of colour while in police custody in America, learn more about what is happening on the ground as we speak with regards the anti-racist rising and protests, and find out how you can show your solidarity and support to the movement that is gathering momentum with every day in a way that will contribute positively.

Tai has also compiled a mutual aid spreadsheet of organisations that you can donate to should you wish to show your support in that way, and you can access from the link in her instagram bio (@taikittyy). Thank you to Tai for taking the time to record this episode, and solidarity and love to our brothers and sisters who are standing up for justice, equality, and ultimately freedom from oppression.

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