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What does it mean to feel capable?

We are all capable - we need to own the fact that we feel like crap and change it. We can only run so far, hide so much, and blame external circumstances for so long. We can change our physical location, but we are still bringing our physicals selves along with the ride.

When we try and up-level our lives, our core limiting beliefs still come to the surface, when something changes in our lives, we can have two different versions of ourselves. We have the version of ourselves before the change, and the version of ourselves after the change – it's a real identity crisis.

We are all capable of figuring this out. Who do we need to be in order to adapt and shine during uncertain times? We look at curveballs as annoyances, in reality, they are opportunities. Look at the belief that is holding you back. The most common thread is the belief that we are not enough – it’s simply not the case. Stay tuned as we reveal the "Be, Do, Have Formula" and how you can gift your energy to the world.

In this Episode:

  • [ 4:45 ] What does it mean to feel capable?
  • [ 11:15 ] How to let go of the voices that hold you back
  • [ 17:45 ] What belief is holding you back?
  • [ 21:10 ] The “Be, Do, Have Formula”
  • [ 25:00 ] How to gift your energy to the world

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “It’s time to go back to basics.”
  • “Embody the belief that you are capable.”
  • “Allow yourself the space to breathe.”
  • “Who do you need to be to shine and thrive?”
  • “Who do you need to BE to DO the things you need to DO to HAVE the results you want to HAVE?”



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