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What stories are we telling ourselves?

In this episode, Jillian dives deep into her pregnancy journey, including fertility treatment. After her first child, Jillian went through IUI again. One day, Jillian finally decided she needed to know why she didn’t get a period. She started doing some deeper digging and ended up feeling like she was broken. After fourteen years, Jillian got her first natural period – then got pregnant again.

When we are so absolute in our beliefs, then there is no room for anything else. Bonnie spoke about her absolute thinking when it came to her diet. When we rethink our belief system, our bodies can begin to restore themselves. If our fists are closed so tight, then we leave no space for miracles to happen. There will be no space for the universe to perform that magic that she is capable of performing.

Jillian speaks about letting other people support her. We get to do the sisterhood thing together. However, we feel competitive and jealous of other’s successes. We need to surrender that and attract our tribes. Our tribe is humanity; there is an opportunity for all of us to feel supported. Let’s support this movement and each other.

In this Episode:

  • About Jillian’s pregnancy [ 7:20 ]
  • The problem with absolute thinking [ 16:50 ]
  • About Jillian’s maternity leave [ 21:40 ]
  • Allowing ourselves to feel supported [ 26:30 ]

Soul Shifting Quotes:

  • “I spent most of my twenties crying myself to sleep at night.” -Jillian
  • “I felt broken on every level.” -Jillian
  • “Choose love over fear.” -Jillian
  • “If the crabs work together, they can escape the bucket.” -Bonnie
  • “Our tribe is humanity.” -Bonnie



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