Finding Joy In The Moon Cycle - Episode 1


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Are you permitting yourself to find joy in the moon cycle?

Everything is cyclicality. We are being called and being asked to get back in the remembrance of our cyclicality. No longer do we have to live in a linear line; we need to get back into the flow of cyclicality that the moon asks us to participate in. Join Rebels for Joy as we tap into what we WANT to do and what we are allowing ourselves to do. Are we allowing ourselves to participate and connect in with our moon cycle?

The new moon is the beginning and the kick-off point. Let’s start at the beginning! How do we honor ourselves during the new moon season? The sky will be completely black, AKA it’s a clean slate. This is a busy time of the moon cycle. We want to be actively participating. The new moon is the time of the month to set intentions for what we want to do and how we want to feel.

Stay tuned as we speak about what to do during a crescent moon cycle, first-quarter moon cycle, and the gibbous moon cycle. When is it time for us to breathe in and set intentions, and when should we fully participate? To create joy, the moon cycle is so important. We need to set ourselves up for joy by knowing there is a process and staying present.

In this Episode:

  • [ 4:54 ] Why do we bother with the cycles?
  • [ 8:24 ] New moon cycle
  • [ 12:24 ] Crescent moon cycle
  • [ 17:14 ] First-quarter moon cycle
  • [ 22:46 ] Gibbous moon cycle

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “If you’re not tuned in to what you’re feeling, then you will force your way through it, and you’ll burn out.”
  • “Recognize your needs and wants.”
  • “Give yourself permission to honor the moon phases.”
  • “We are human beings, and we get to participate.”
  • “When we honor what we are feeling, then we live a better life.”



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