Finding Joy In The Moon Cycle - Episode 2


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How can you become more intuitive in your personal life?

In this episode, we dive right into the full moon cycle. Why does everyone like it so much? Well, it brings a ton of energy! When the moon is the biggest and brightest in the sky, everything illuminates. The full moon is an outward action; it wants us to take action and release. During the full moon cycle, think about the things that are no longer serving you, and release them!

Next is the disseminating moon cycle. It’s the time period where we need to make sure to nurture ourselves. It’s the time for deep nourishment on a mind, body, and soul level. We need to get quiet and recharge. Yes, we will continue to take action; however, this is the time to refill our cups. How fantastic does it feel to fill yourself up finally? Give yourself that time and space.

During the third quarter moon cycle, we start to take more intentional action. Finally, we get to take action in a brighter direction. Also, we can begin to receive our blessings. After putting in the internal and external work, we can feel it manifesting. It’s the harvest time! Think about fall; the farmers are still actively planting. However, they are also starting to harvest and reap the benefits of what they already planted. So, we get rewarded for our being, and we continue to show up. Stay tuned as we dive deep into the balsamic moon cycle!

In this Episode:

  • [ 3:45 ] The full moon cycle
  • [ 8:20 ] The disseminating moon cycle
  • [ 13:15 ] The third-quarter moon cycle
  • [ 16:30 ] The balsamic moon cycle
  • [ 23:30 ] About our live events

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “When the moon is bright in the sky, the shadows are filled with light. The same thing happens within us.”
  • “The full moon is a beautiful time in the month to look at everything that is going on within you that no longer serves you, and release it.”
  • “Giving yourself time and space is really powerful.”
  • “What do you need to have compassion for yourself?”
  • “Sometimes, doing nothing is a lot better than doing something.”



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