Kari Keating: Walking in your purpose, on purpose


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Sister, I (Jillian Here!) had the BEST conversation with the amazing Kari Keating and am over the moon to share it with you today. Kari dove into how powerful it is to know who you truly are so that you can walk in your purpose, on purpose in all areas of life. She gave us amazing insight into how she reclaimed her joy after finding herself in a space where she was redefining her identity with being a work from home Mumma to 3 under 3 and trying to act like she had it all together. Listen in to her two wishes for every woman out there!

It was beyond our joy to have Kari on this episode!

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About Kari!

Kari Keating is a branding expert and business coach, podcast host, speaker, and Mother of 3. During her 17 year corporate career she cultivated skills in the areas of business strategy, sales and marketing working for companies such as Nike, Quiksilver, lululemon and other major retailers.

In 2015, while managing her growing network marketing business and motherhood, she found herself struggling to find clarity in the chaos and hired her first business coach. It was in that interaction that she realized that all of the business acumen she had developed over the years could be used to help other entrepreneurs, just like her coach was helping her, launch, grow and scale their businesses.

Since launching her business she has worked with clients ranging from coaches, network marketers, photographers, recording artists, and many more. She’s most passionate about helping women create a fulfilling life while making the impact they crave and the income they deserve.


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