Moving from Fear to Flow!


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What does your feminine power look like?

Joanna Turner is a spiritual success mentor and international speaker. She helps women through her wellness business get out of the masculine mentality that has been pushed upon us from society and into a more divine feminine side of themselves.

For hundreds of years, the power of women have been pushed down and oppressed. Once women started fighting their way into the business world, they adapted a masculine side to make headway in corporate life. Joanna helps women and entrepreneurs feel the power in their feminine, natural state.

Joanna discusses how to realize when you need a change in your life. The current situation in the world is allowing people to have a stop in their life. This break enables people to reassess and find if they are truly happy with what they are doing. It also allows people to adapt and find joy in the adaptations that they are making to their life.

Joanna explains that people must trust themselves and the process of self-work before they can truly move into experiencing any change. If you are trying to control everything in your life, you will not be able to trust and let go. Then, Joanna explains why grounding and meditation are essential at a time like this. Stay tuned as Joanna talks about dealing with grief and how to protect yourself in today's world.

In This Episode:

  • [5:25] The history of women’s power
  • [8:00] Joanna’s experience in the corporate world
  • [14:30] What it’s like being disconnected
  • [16:50] It’s time for reassessing and adapting
  • [22:30] Learning how to trust the journey
  • [28:17] About practicing grounding
  • [31:51] Dealing with grief
  • [34:52] The importance of protecting yourself

Joy Filling Quotes:

  • “There’s a gift in everything.”
  • “If we’re trying to control everything, then we’re not trusting in something.”
  • "Feeling it is the key."
  • “Allow our intuitions to start to guide us.”
  • “If you do allow yourself to feel it, know that it will stop; it is temporary.”



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