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Ramit Sethi had this amazing sales page that me and my entire team admired. He basically said, decide how much money you want to make by plugging in how many customers you’ll have and what you’re going to charge. And he embedded a calculator readers could use to better understand his message. Joining me as an entrepreneur who realized the same thing while he was selling development services and he wanted to communicate how much it would cost to get different types of apps made. He said, More entrepreneurs, more entrepreneurs, more businesses, more marketers need this type of tool. But they shouldn’t have to get a developer in order to build it. And so he did it for them. Randy Rayess created software called Outgrow, which allows you to create sliders, calculators, quizzes, chatbots, and so many other tools that help you make your pages more interactive and close more sales.

Randy Rayess is the founder of Outgrow.co which offers no-code tools to boost your interactive content and drive more leads.

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