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My guest today is Richard Dodd, A multi-platinum Grammy-winning producer, recording engineer, and mastering engineer with 40 years of amazing credits to his discography. Richard has worked with a long list of artists including Boz Scaggs, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Wilco, Green Day, Steve Earle, Delbert McClinton, Robert Plant, Roger Daltry, the Travelling Wilburys, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Freddie Mercury to name just a few.

Richard was on the podcast previously for episode RSR096 where we got an introduction to his background story. So on this episode, I thought we would try to focus on mixing.

One of the skills that Richard said he aspires to in recording is learning to stay out of the way and not screw up what the artist is wanting to create. With that in mind, I know Richard can be bold in his mixing and mastering choices. So I’m excited to learn more about his thoughts on creating compelling and memorable records.

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