RSR269 - Bill Cheney - Spectra 1964 & The STX 600 Complimiter


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My guest today is Bill Cheney co-owner with Jim Romney of Spectra1964. Bill designs mic pre amps, eqs, and compressor limiters for studios following in the footsteps of William Dilley who founded the original Spectra Sonics company in 1964.

Bill has been a guest on the podcast before to talk about the history of Spectra Sonics and Spectra 1964 on episode RSR227. So if you want to learn more about the background go back and check that episode out. Bill talked about the original Spectra 101 amplifier circuit, its original role in the military as part of the Minute Man missile defence system, and the history of the Spectra consoles at the Record Plant and Stax Studio.

Today Bill and Jim are taking the classic sound of the Spectra 101 amplifier and retrofitting it into 500 modules to allow us to get that same incredible sound in our pro and home studios. Bill has already brought us the STX100 mic pre, the STX 500 eq, and now has also taken the classic C610 complimiter design and found a way to add that as well bringing us the STX600 Complimiter Microphone Preamplifier.

So today we're going to catch up with Bill and Spectra1964 find out what's new and learn more about the new STX 600 module and how to properly record with them.

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