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Have you tried #Reiki? I’ve been having Reiki since a child and then on to adulthood... and even been trying distant #Reiki in #Lockdown! I was sceptical at first but nowadays I've tried Angelic Reiki, Usui and a range of other styles...
In this episode of Recovery Road we talk all things energy healing, what it is and how it can help with my guest Pris from Beyond Healing.
Recovery Road Presenter, Author, Self-Love Coach and Online Content Creator, Sophie Mei Lan has also met (in previous episodes) the two relationship experts behind Channel 4's Married at First Sight who have been dubbed “the avengers of Matchmaking.”

They talk about all things mental health recovery and the power of relationships, how to meet the right person and what to look out for in a positive relationship.

On last week’s episode Sophie chatted about “work” that works to help our mental health and wellbeing with popular online influencer and Mum Boss author Vicki Broadbent who is originally from Leeds, near where Sophie lives in West Yorkshire.

Recover Road Presenter Sophie says: “I’m so excited to launch my first podcast after training as a broadcast journalist and working for Channel 4 News, it has always been my dream to have my own show sharing my passions in mental health, wellbeing and fitness as well as, shining a light on important stories of recovery, hope and healing.

“Recovery Road is my way of giving back to the world and to help other people who are on their healing journey too.

“I’ve previously experienced a range of addictions, eating disorders and mental health problems. But I’ve somehow clawed my way from a life of self harm to self love through self-care and tons of therapy!

“And I still have talking therapies, Reiki treatments, Dance Therapy, Fitness therapy and practice self-care as well as taking medication to manage my mental health problems. I know no one size fits all when it comes to care and treatment, and I am always exploring what works for me and others because so many of us don’t fit in the box and are often shunned or pushed away by services.

“Recovery Road is non-judgemental and we listen with an open mind and chat about a range of issues to help everyone who strives to succeed in mind, body, home, life and at work.

“I hope it helps those of us on a wellbeing journey to success.”

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