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Anyone else "juggle jobs"? Working in my own way, doing my own thing, has been one of my ways to feel more successful at home and in career and around family & my health
... and it's thanks to watching so many other working parents and carers thrive in all areas... My friend Vicki aka Honest Mum has the second edition of her book Mum Boss (or The Working Mom for US audiences) which is a great handbook to help you boss in all areas of life #review
On this week’s episode Sophie talks about “work” that works to help our mental health and wellbeing with popular online influencer and Mum Boss author Vicki Broadbent who is originally from Leeds, Wets Yorkshire

Sophie said: “We spend a lot of our life focusing on our career and ambitions but too often we neglect our mental health, fitness and wellbeing in the process.

“My friend and inspiration Vicki is testament to the fact that you can survive and thrive at home and at work.”

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