Recruit Rockstars 325: How She Scaled From 9 Employees to 90


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Brad’s Deals is a huge tech success story in Chicago.

The site helps millions of shoppers save money by curating the best deals from 4,000 retailers & expert shopping tips.

This profitable business has scaled from 9 employees to 90, without raising a ton of VC money.

I wanted to find out how…

So I tracked down Jessica Adams. She heads HR & Recruiting for Brad’s Deals.

In 2020, she was named by Crain’s as a “Notable Leader in HR” for her innovative solutions to enhance employee wellness, work-life balance, and diversity & inclusion. Last year, she was selected as a “Benny Award” winner for creating innovative employee benefits.

In this 20-minute interview, Jessica reveals a ton of juicy stuff:

— her Alumni Program, that’s helped her hire some amazing talent — the “Talent Anywhere” mentality, in which employees can live wherever they want — the monetary value of having a best friend at work — and a bunch more

If you want to scale your team successfully, you’d hard-pressed to find better advice.

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