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Red Black Dead is the greatest radio show in the entire world! No really it's true! Have you been listening to any of the other crap out there... terrible. But, the show isn't just Nick Manic & Philthy running their mouths 24 hours a day. Ohh NO! It is also made up of colorful and dynamic characters that you will, forced by a gun and scotch, come to know and love: like Deloris our resident tranny, the slightly homosexual Lex Loser, our weatherman Dave Spritz and his creepy "weather van", and our pro wrestler body guard Evil Saville! Not to mention a slew of unknown talent that will gladly sit in with us for a 6 pack. RBD features independent artist and musicians from all over, as well as great C, D, and even F list talent from your favorite movies, video games, and TV, (we don’t know who they are either). We will also feature special guests from every angle of the common man spectrum. Join us for beer, music, and talking shit about everything!

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