Symbaroum, The Mark of the Beast 01: Vernam


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Thistle Hold, the town of hopes and dreams. It is also a place where people are murdered or disappear without a trace.

A beastly killer known as the Flayer is hounding the northern districts of town. Some say an abomination is on the loose.
Welcome back to the dark fantasy game Symbaroum and "The Mark of the Beast", game mastered at GothCon 2019 by none other than Mattias Johnsson Haake from Free League Publishing, and with Petter Nallo from Helmgast joining as a player. Will the Flayer be stopped before it is too late?

Game: Symbaroum, Free League Publishing
Guest Players: Mattias Johnsson Haake, Petter Nallo

Music by: Halgrath under permission from Cryo Chamber.

Our Champions of the Red Moon: Martin Heuschober, Nastasia Raulerson, Simon Cooper and David.


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