2.8. Styrofoam made from mushrooms: Mycelium makes waste into home compostable packaging. Circular, renewable, sustainable - with Paul Gilligan from Magical Mushroom Co


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What if there would be an alternative that uses waste and creates a fully renewable alternative using fungi, which per definition can safely go back to the earth? When you have something shipped, whether it be bottles of wine, some tech gadgets, or even furniture pieces they need protection - the white, light-weight material is polystyrene, also known as styrofoam. Widely used for transportation it is hardly recycled at and 40% ends up in landfills. Today you will hear from Paul Gilligan, the CEO of The Magical Mushroom Company. spent 14 years at the supermarkt chain Sainsbury’s in a range of senior roles, where he won a number of industry awards.

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