2.9. Ocean plastic: How the World Economic Forum works with governments, corporates & innovators to tackle plastic waste with Kristin Hughes Executive Director Global Plastic Action Partnership


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If we continue business as usual, by 2025 we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish. Plastic waste is a massive, global issue, that’s why we will leave the start-up bubble today and talk with Kristin Hudges, from The World Economic Forum. Apart from the annual gatherings in Davos, the Forum Kristin is also engaged in a variety of initiatives. One of them is the Global Plastic Action Partnership. And we will talk about it today. Kristin offers us a broader, systemic view, giving us an insight into how the World Economic Forum works with governments on this issue, for example in Indonesia. We discuss how plastics end up in the ocean, who is to blame and what we should do about it.

Kristin is Executive Director of the Global Plastic Action Partnership. She has had many influential leadership positions, too many many too list to be exact. Previously she was the Global Director of Sustainability, Health, and Wellbeing at Mars Food.

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