Episode #167: The Rhythm Section


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Is it just us or are the days starting to really blend together? Well at least today is going to be different, we have a brand spanking new episode of the Reel Film Nerds podcast for you! In this pod Mike and Matt talk revenge, spies, and the Green Lantern? when they review The Rhythm Section starring Blake Lively and Jude Law. Way off topics include Shudder, buying a new TV, and washing dishes.

The Rhythm Section is a great film with lots of twists and turns and excellent acting. Blake Lively especially excels at the many different ways her character is portrayed from girl next door to junkie to badass assassin. Jude Law also does an excellent job being the strong willed and almost hated former spy training Lively’s character and taking advantage of her naivety. One incredible scene of the film really sticks out to your two hosts, a car chase. It is your typical car chase but the way it was shot puts you in the passenger seat for the whole chase. There are no overhead shots or scene setting exteriors, just a fun ride with a scared Lively trying to escape. Matt and Mike are on a roll! Again they agree on a rating both awarding The Rhythm Section 3.5 out of 5 Reels.

Congratulations to our winner’s and enjoy your copy of The Rhythm Section while practicing social distancing. Special thanks goes out to Paramount Pictures for supplying us with digital codes to share with you our loyal listeners. For everyone who entered our contest thank you for your support. Next week Mike and Matt talk about a new Netflix Original Sci-Fi film Code 8. Thanks for downloading our pod and help spread the love by telling your friends and family to listen too! We will chat at you next week.

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