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Today JJ shares her amazing tips on dialing down inflammation, mostly by choosing high-quality foods and supplements. Reducing inflammation is important not only for feeling better, but also for helping with weight loss and being more healthy overall. Inflammation contributes to many different health concerns, so lowering inflammation in your body is key to looking and feeling your best. Listen to this super important podcast for simple ways to decrease inflammation today.

Main Points From Today’s Episode

  1. Some inflammation is necessary for healing. But the problem occurs when inflammation becomes chronic.
  2. These 10 tips can help you reduce inflammation. Most of them are simple diet swaps that can make a huge difference.
  3. Reducing inflammation can help you lose weight. It can also contribute to better health overall.

Episode Play-By-Play

[2:46] Is all inflammation bad inflammation?

[3:00] Benefits and downsides of an inflammatory response

[3:56] Specific foods that can increase inflammation in the body

[4:10] What too much inflammation contributes to

[5:00] First tip - healthy fats

[6:30] Check your animal fats, quality is vital

[8:30] Second tip - do an oil change

[9:30] Third tip - shake it up

[10:30] Fourth tip - know which to choose and which to lose when it comes to this

[11:30] To set yourself up to win, don’t quit cold turkey. Switch out inflammatory foods.

[12:45] Fifth tip - say no to GMOs, here’s why

[13:15] Eat from your local farmers market.

[13:43] Sixth tip - figure out your food intolerances

[16:03] Seventh tip - what does a good night’s sleep have to do with this?

[17:24] Eighth tip - customize your own solution to this problem

[18:50] Tenth tip - supplement

Action Steps

  1. Don’t get overwhelmed!
  2. Look at the tips, find one thing you’re not doing yet, and add it to your day.
  3. Use a diet journal.

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