How to apply a commercial mindset to reap results for your legaltech project with Amanda Brown


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In this episode no. 35, I speak with New Orleans based lawyer Amanda Leigh Brown.

Amanda is founder and Executive Director of Langiappe Law Lab, a legal aid technology non-profit serving Louisiana’s justice community by empowering the public with legal information and helping legal service providers do their work better.

Throughout her career Amanda has worked on apps that assist people after disasters, a state-wide portal system providing information and referrals and practical and ethical guidelines to use when developing AI.

We touched on the importance of data and the biggest challenges to any project and Amanda shared the differing responses she received to the online legal information portal. On a personal level she shares how she first developed an interest in tech and the influence of law school on her career choices. One of the things I found most interesting about this conversation was the impact on her of her experience at Microsoft.

Of course the pandemic has spurred Amanda on to even more action and you can hear about how - in a very short time - she developed a rent relief app, government subsidies navigator and leveraged an existing platform to enable people to find legal assistance.

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