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In today’s episode no. 26 I speak with Rohan Pavuluri, co-founder and CEO of Upsolve, a non-profit that helps low-income families file bankruptcy for free, using an online web app. In the last 12 months, Upsolve has relieved over $100 million in debt and is the largest not for profit provider of bankruptcy in the US.

In this episode we discuss the issues that Rohan and his co-founder Jonathan Petts wanted to address in starting Upsolve, how the online platform actually works and who it is most suitable for. We cover the most common types of events that lead people into bankruptcy and why people should file but find it difficult to do so.

While Rohan studied statistics at university he explains where his personal interest in justice and policy comes from. He also shares some of his personal difficulties with this venture, how he dealt with doubt in the early days and the ongoing challenges - and also what he’s most proud of. And for justice entrepreneurs starting out with a new venture, Rohan had some unexpected advice.

This episode has it all and very much fits the themes of the podcast… sustainability, challenges of a justice entrepreneurship, the need for both advocacy and direct services, when to scale and when not to and the need for a deep understanding of the issue you are addressing.

I suspect Upsolve will go from strength and strength for many reasons. One of which may be the fact that it is focussed on 1 singular issue, what do you think?

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