Reimagining Retirement


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Over the last few decades, the concept of retirement has changed dramatically. At one time, most people would retire in their sixties and then sit back while their pension cheques came in. Now, retirement is in the eye of the beholder. Many people are choosing to work later in life; some are being forced to retire early because of health reasons or a job loss; others are traveling the world, while some are happy to stay close to home. The nature of saving has changed, too. Defined benefit plans, where retirement money was essentially guaranteed, have given way to defined contribution plans, which put more of the onus on the employee to save. Some people, such as entrepreneurs, don’t have pension plans to fall back on at all. In other words, the concept of retirement is not the same today as it was not so long ago. In our first-ever podcast series, we look at how retirement is changing and what that means for you. Over the next six episodes, you’ll hear from a number of experts, including Zoomer founder Moses Znaimer and former federal finance minister Joe Oliver, on what retirement looks like today and what it might look like in the future. The Reimagining Retirement podcast, hosted by Bryan Borzykowski, More’s editor-in-chief, can be heard here or on several popular podcasting sites, including iTunes. We’ll be rolling out new programs about every two weeks, so stay tuned for more episodes. Thanks for listening!

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