Beyond Hollywood with Special Guest Model and Actress Ana Lucia Alves


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2020 has been a year for epic events and compelling reasons for overdue change. Even Hollywood appears forced to confront its demons.

Why did model, actress, producer and documentarist Ana Lucia Alves, refuse the invitation to trade her dignity for special favours to further her artistic career in Hollywood?

Ana was born in Brazil but lived most of her life in Europe. She studied architecture and computer engineering before entering the Fashion world and the Film industry. She became the first Brazilian model to appear in the cover of an international magazine, spending many years as a supermodel working around the world at the top of her profession. Her next stop was Hollywood.

Why was Harvey Weinstein's invitation to his apartment was not appealing to Ana, given her Hollywood career opportunities would have been guaranteed?

Why are some artists in Hollywood too powerful to be influenced by the dark side? Why do many artists need Hollywood to succeed and why does Hollywood need the great artists to succeed? What makes an artist flow and create the great works that inspires the masses?

The future of creating film that inspires and dignifies humanity. The exciting development that has set Cinderella's Secrets on the path of becoming a feature film thanks to collaborating with Ana and her film production company. Why do children lose their creativity and why is it so important to protect their imagination and why helping adults reclaim their creativity is so vital to their purpose in life?

And so much more!

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