1 Million Acts Of Kindness


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Imagine a world defined by kindness. What would that be like? How deeply would that resonate with you?

In today's global society, we are bombarded daily with news cycle stories of war, racism, sexism, and the rest of the problems driven by fear and division.

George and Joey explore the depth, and transformative power of kindness and discuss the international initiative that The World Kindness Movement has undertaken with Kindness Matters, forging an alliance with UNESCO_MGIEP to collect 1 million kindness stories, given, received or observed. Why does kindness have the stigma of weakness for so many corporations? Why is selflessness glamourised, making kindness unsustainable? We delve into many aspects of how the wisdom and power of kindness is being misunderstood and missed.

We also want your personal stories. In this form, please submit your story of kindness and lets spread the message around the world how acts of kindness actualise our higher purpose here and now.


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