Episode 28 - Love is a Strong Word


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Love is a strong word


Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits - Instagram, and Ravelry . EmKnits on Twitter and EmGem on Pinterest

Shouts outs

Jacflash Welcome from Manitoba!

What's knitting now


Rheinlust by Melanie Berg in Naked by Two Tigers (100% wool)

Man of Aran Socks by Kate Atherly in Anzula Squishy colourway one red shoe

Master Knitter Program in Cascade 220

Vanilla Socks - in Ancient Arts Reinvent base - pashmina colour way.

Artisan by Romi Hill in Cascade Heritage silks Foliage

Hey little song bird- Bristol Ivy in Ancient Arts 100% baby alpaca base in baby aubegine colourway


Cameo by Paulina Popiolek in Mad Tosh Light in Filtered Light and

Simple Autumn Mittens by Halladora J

FO’s -


Karla - Birthday cast on - Spindrift Shawl by Helene Stuart in Mad Tosh Light, filtered light

Design features

Emily- All the man of aran. Dropped stitch, Karbonz tip fell off

Karla - Tied on a game of yarn chicken with the Spindrift Shawl. Frogged Grandpa’s Socks and recalculated, also doing a different toe. Lost my sweater sleeve...


Emily - No!

Karla - Spinning merino silk top in lots of colours (Colourway jamaican) almost done the third bobbin. Would like to ply this week

Stash Enhancement

Emily- New needles, Hemp.

Nothing. Nada. Zilch

Karla - Cascade heritage Sock in Purple, stitch markers, hemp

Best laid plans

Emily Waiting for Rain, Stove top for Ainsley. Modified Stranger for Ainsley Modified Bridie for Ainsley

Karla - #canadakal2016 - caterpillar green yarn - Taiga Hilliard - Yellow Tail

And Fossil and Bone by Silvia Bo Bilvia with sweet fiber I bought at Knit City last year

As always, Ghost Dance

Go up sweater size and needle size for Gamaldags - Helene Magnusson, Lett lopi

Main colour - charcoal grey

Wrists, bottom and yoke - eggplant purple, teal, dark yellow and white

Talky Talk

Emily - Knit City!!! Stash Dash

Karla - Knit City Classes!!! #PalKal #CanadaKAL2016 #KCSweater2016, Meet a Knitter!


Karla - Tapestry Weaving

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- asking for nap

Karla- Bum bites, all the teeth at once, screaming, getting worried about a speech delay, BASEBALL all the time!

Inquiring minds

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