Episode 41 - What's my yarn doing?


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Meet a knitter

Name: Lyndsey

Raverly alias: Lyndseyp

Other Social media? Instagram I can be found as ellekbee or BBknitworks

When and how did you first learn to knit? I first learned to knit when I was 8. My mom is an incredible knitter and I bugged and bugged her until she showed me how to cast on my first project. I made scarves for all my teddy bears. Once I got bored with scarves I wanted to learn how to make sweaters. She kindly told me I needed more practice before a sweater projects. So I gave up knitting until I graduated University and didn’t have a job…I picked up knitting again and have been obsessed ever since.

What was your first project? I learned to read a pattern and cast on a hat for my then boyfriend now husband. It is a bright red acrylic ribbed fishermen style touque. It is very wonky but made with so much love.

What is your biggest knitting disaster? I knit my husband a cardigan for his 30th birthday. I knit it as a surprise, so I was not able to take his measurements. It turned out the body is too short and the sleeves are too long. To make matters worse, the yarn I used for the button band felted so there is no saving this thing…

What are you most proud of as a knitter? My first venture into colour work was the North Shore Sweater by Tin can knits. It is the most gorgeous piece of knitting I have in my possession and always get a ton of compliments on it!

What are you favorite items to knit? Im a huge fan of knitting socks. Most of my friends and family have a pair of socks I have knit for them. Im so proud of my handiwork when they wear a pair of hand knit socks! It brings me so much joy!

Are you a process knitter or a product knitter? Depends on the project. Socks or a projects I really get into Im a process knitter. When I need to hammer out a gift or around Christmas time I’m a product knitter.

Do you have any knitting goals? Projects? Techniques? Eventually, I would like to teach myself to be a continental knitter as well as learning how to brioche. It seems like every lovely pattern has brioche and it is a bit daunting.

Why do you keep coming back to knitting? Knitting is my happy place. Knitting is my creative outlet as well as a way to create community in my neighbourhood and city. I have met so many friends though knitting and I wouldn’t give it up for the world!

Do you do any other fiber arts other than knitting? unfortunately, no. I tried crochet, but it doesn’t make sense to my A-type brain.

Do you have any other super powers other than knitting? I’m a teacher and I teach pre-K. Some days it feels like I have superpowers.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world? (shameless self promotion!) I live in Edmonton and have started a business B&B Knitworks. We are creating patterns and teaching knitting classes. Look for us on Facebook B&B Knitworks and Instagram BBKnitworks.

What's knitting now

Emily - A Joyful Thread by Silvia McFadden (Softsweater) in Sweet Fiber Merino Lace rose gold

Vanilla is the new black - CatGreen OMG you guys - Sock 2 started


Advent calendar stockings (7 left)

Bridie for Bug in Sweet Fiber Canadian.

Bradway by Very Shannon in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Plume, Stormcloud and Yellow

Karla- Two custom socks for Grandma, Going Graphic Blanket,

FO’s -

Emily Vanilla socks for dan in using my new ChiaGoo Stainless Steel DPN’s 2.25mm

Karla - Bonnie Wee Mouse by Susan Claudino


Caitlyn Ffrench

Knox Mountain Knit Co

Chantal of Mudpunch

Jess of Haven Fiber Arts

Jocelyn who is @jocelyn_shuman

Sylvia of Softsweater Knits

Jenni from the Lone Larch Podcast has offered money for shipping prizes!

Vanessa of Atelier 425

Design features

Emily- Nothing! WEEEEEE

Karla - Frogged second custom sock (Hermione’s everyday sock) for 2 at a time 3x1 rib with mini guesset and afterthough heel.


Emily -. Spun the first single from my batt that Ainsley and I dyed

Karla - Kinfolk Yarn and Fibre, spinning a 3ply merino/nylon for socks in the Tigerlilly colourway.

Best laid plans

Emily - Keep the mojo on A Joyfuly Thread. Start baby blanket. Weave

Karla - finish the gifts. Start the tee shirt - Sunny Side [up!] by Isabell Kraemer

Stash Enhancement

Emily- Another ball of yellow sock yarn. A loom. Cascade 220 for a blanket for the baby. Midknit craving sweet sock in juice box. Yarn Inc Tough sock in flamingo. Lichen and Lace 80/20 sock in orchid

Karla - Ella Rae 100% Merino Dk in colours 78 and 66


Denise of Sock Ruler

Brenda of Two Sticks and Ewe

Sara of Riv Creative

Sally of Yarn Friendly

Kristan McIntyre

Joanne who is @porthardy1 on instagram



And the winners are!!!!!!

1.Post 144 frawkins

2.Post 128 Irylknits

3.Post 166 amyhansen1222

For quarter 2 we are going to piggyback off the Wet Coast Wools KAL and if you knit for charity you’ll get an additional entry in the Q2 thread! That’s 3 possible entries. 1 for the gift knit, 1 for knitting from stash and 1 if it’s going to a charity! Wahoo!

The KAL will begin January 1st 2017 and run until December 31st 2017. We will have quarterly entry threads in the ravelry group for your FOs and prizes to give away (more on those in a bit)! There is also a year long thread to keep track of all your gifts knits and there will be prizes for most gifts knit in 2017!

It’s not too late if you would like to sponsor a prize! Just drop us a line and we’d be happy to have you on board. All sponsors will be mentioned in each episode of 2017!

Talky Talk

Emily -

Karla -


Emily - Learning to weave

Karla - Two project bags for Emily D

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- Daddy visit. Vomit face

Karla- Lots of singing and climbing, baby starting solids and crawling.

Inquiring minds

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