Episode 50 - Moving Mountains


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EPISODE 50 - Nifty nifty look who’s 50!


Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits - Instagram, and Ravelry.

Shout outs

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We’ve had some great posts in both the KAL threads and a Meet the Knitter segment! Thank you!

What's knitting now

Emily - Messaline by Bristol Ivy in Bumblebirch Heartwood base Shadow colour.

Hibernation -A joyful thread by silvia mcfadden in sweet fiber merino lace rose gold

Stephen West Speckle and Pop! Mystery KAL - out of all of the Sweet Georgia

Cast on socks for dan in Joma Yarn’s tofino colour way

Karla - beach bag with knitting club, Goldfinch Shawl by Andrea Mowry in Paintbox cotton, Harlow (brioche hat) by Andrea Mowry in koigu

FO’s -

Emily -Mister invested by the unapologetic knitter in black cat custom demonhunter colourway.

Rose City Rollers in Round Mountain Fibers 100% merino base in the Succulent colourway. With Contrasting Sweet Georgia heels and toes.

Karla -

Baby kimonos and matching garter stitch earflap hats!

Talky Talk

Emily - Sponsor our KAL’s! Thank you to Seaside Yarn and Button for their generous donation. WWKIP And thank you to creative collette for the HUGE bag of prizes to give away!

Karla - Sorrento Knitting Retreat, Yarn Okanagan, O’Keefe Ranch - interview with Kathleen of A Twisted Purl

Interview with Kathleen of A Twisted Purl in Armstrong BC


New KALs for 2018! We’re 6 months in!

#committoknit2018 - Shipped prizes, got some more in stash now. Plus I”m going to make minis out of my handspun tidbits.

#revelinknit2018 - keep up with your selfcare knitting!

Design features

Emily- Messaline doesn’t line up with a chart. I think I can fudge it. Dropped a stitch on the sleeve cuff but didn’t change stitch count. Stitch is looped on a stitch marker

Karla - goldfinch lace


Emily -. Chain plied my corriedale singles. Finished the 100% superwash merino by Vivid Yarn Studio. Made it a worsted spun traditional 2 ply. Started a Merino Silk by Endless Roving I’ll call the colour sunset orange. I’m going for a worsted spun fingering weight 2 ply.

Karla - nada, although I gifted some handspun and it was very well received.

Best laid plans

Emily - Stay on track for #committoknit2018 finish Messaline by the end of May the keep a shawl and a pair of socks going for the rest of the year (4 of shawls, 3 pairs of socks)

Karla - finish the advent pattern, layer cake by knox mountain knit co out of fino, finish my cotton tee


Emily - I made a dress muslin. Made a tote bag, got my real fabric cut for my dress. Still need to make the carry on bag but found super cute stockinette fabric.

Karla - nada

Stash Enhancement

Emily- Review yarn from Round Mountain Fibers - corriedale fleece, spinning wheel, 100% wool

Karla - Sorrento retreat/birthday haul

Meet the Knitter - Amy

Name: Amy McKay

Raverly alias: amyelisha

Other Social media? @amyelisha on instagram (my account is private to protect pictures of my daughter, but I do love connecting with other knitters so don’t be shy about sending me a follow request!)

When and how did you first learn to knit? I think it was in 2014, and I learned by watching YouTube videos. Every time I encountered a new stitch or technique I would just watch videos and practice until I figured it out. My own grandmothers had long since stopped knitting by the time I had an interest, but I’m hoping to teach my daughter in a few more years.

What was your first project? A cotton dishcloth. I knit 3 of them on some terrible plastic needles from Michael’s, but despite some dropped stitches and random yarn overs, they are still workhorses stashed away with my cleaning supplies!

What is your biggest knitting disaster? Hmm. Nothing comes to mind really. I tend to stop long before something ends disastrously (in knitting..not necessarily in life!). I knit a Gaptastic Cowl as one of my earliest projects, before I knew what gauge was, and it was monstrously huge. I’m talking, could-have-clothed-a-linebacker big. Needless to say, it got frogged!

What are you most proud of as a knitter? I’m proud to create beautiful, useful, long lasting items that can be tangible examples for my loved ones of how much I care about them (because it’s a big time & energy investment!). And, when I knit for myself, I’m proud to engage in an activity that is a powerful act of self care both in the actual making of the thing, and then in the wearing of it. It really feels like I’m nurturing myself when I cast on something lovely with only myself in mind. We should really call it self-love knitting, rather than selfish knitting!

What are you favorite items to knit? Stuffed toys for the important tiny humans in my life, and shawls for myself

Are you a process knitter or a product knitter? I’m both! I used to be more of a product knitter but the more time goes on the more I’ve found that the act of knitting has become incredibly important to my well being. I’m a stay-at-home parent now, and it is hands down the most difficult job I’ve ever had (and I used to literally save babies for a living as an NICU nurse). Knitting allows me to satisfy so many of own needs: for mental stimulation, quiet alone time, and creative expression, all of which are hard to come by at this stage of my life. So, process has become extremely important to me as well. That said, I can’t fully engage in a project unless the finished object is something I’m excited to gift or wear. What it will be definitely still matters.

Do you have any knitting goals? Projects? Techniques? I’d love to learn brioche, dive into sweater making, and eventually learn enough of the math involved to begin tech editing. Math doesn’t come easily to me, but I love editing. I can learn, right?

Do you do any other fiber arts other than knitting? Not yet, but I have grand plans to learn embroidery, weaving, sewing, and rug punching. I want to learn it all! Especially sewing, I am most excited about eventually being able to make my own clothes and stop relying on fast fashion, which isn’t in line with my values and not the example for resource stewardship that I want to set for my daughter. But because she is so little, and free time is so scarse, new hobbies have to wait a while.

Do you have any other super powers other than knitting? Momming. Thats a super power right?? I never really felt that i had a “true calling” until my child was born. Mothering, while certainly not all unicorns and rainbows, is really a natural aptitude for me. I’m good at it, and I love it (most days). I used to be a pretty good writer too, back in the day, and I can pick up new languages easily. I’m also a PADI Divemaster, which means I can teach some scuba diving courses and guide other divers around sites. I’m an excellent shark spotter! If there is one to be found or spotted in the distance, I promise i’ll see it.

Anything else you’d like to tell the world? (shameless self promotion!) I’m incredibly passionate about feminism (intersectional or bust), and birth and the myriad of ways the two intersect. And I’ll happily chat about either with anyone, anytime!

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- Tooth pop!! Nap schedule has been terrible! THREENAGER temper tantrums.

Karla- So stoked and so bummed

Inquiring minds

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