Episode 52 - Stop, Collaborate and Listen


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Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits - Instagram, and Ravelry.

Shout outs

Introduce yourself in the Ravelry group or leave us a review on itunes or google play music or send us an email with feedback at mail@relentlessknitting.com

We’ve had some great posts in both the KAL threads and a Meet the Knitter segment! Thank you!

What's knitting now

Emily - The doodler by Stephen West in green, gold and purple by Sweet Fibre. Vanilla socks with turtle purls self striping sock yarn on a sparkle base. They’re amazeballs.

Sweater for Baby, blanket for baby.

Hibernation -A joyful thread by silvia mcfadden in sweet fiber merino lace rose gold

Stephen West Speckle and Pop! Mystery KAL - out of all of the Sweet Georgia

Cast on socks for dan in Joma Yarn’s tofino colour way

Karla - Woolly Lamb, Aeon Vest by Hillary Smith-Calis, Mark’s hat

FO’s -

Emily - Dotted Rays, Flax for Ains

Karla -

Layer Cake by Knox Mountain Knit Co, Turtle Dove by Espace Tricot (Lisa Culow), Hiraeth hat by Caitlyn Ffrench, wooly lamb

Design features

Emily- nada. I think I’ve got this

Karla - twisted rib, only one sheep

Talky Talk

Emily - I’ll give away prizes before the end of the month. I swear. I’ll do it. * This is the same thing I said last month.

Karla - Summer Knitting Bingo, armstrong fair, knit-lit, tech editing!


New KALs for 2018! We’re 6 months in!

#committoknit2018 - Plus I”m going to make minis out of my handspun tidbits.

#revelinknit2018 - keep up with your selfcare knitting!



Emily -. What’s spinning? WWSIP Sept 15

Karla - I wish but 2019 goals

Best laid plans

Emily - Stay on track for #committoknit2018 the keep a shawl and a pair of socks going for the rest of the year (4 of shawls, 3 pairs of socks) Maybe knit the kiddo a birthday sweater?

Karla - knitmas


Emily -Took my mug rugs off the loom. They’re ok. Have a warp measured for tea towels. Making Kombucha. Lots of baking. Bought supplies to make halloween bags.

Karla -

Stash Enhancement

Emily- Allllll the knitmas.

Karla - Vogue Knitting Book

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- She’s 4. And 1. Bikes. Work.

Karla- Preschool!

Inquiring minds

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