Episode 53 - Bring your dark knitting


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Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits, EmilyTheTechEditor - Instagram, and Emily Tech Edits Ravelry.

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We’ve had some great posts in both the KAL threads and a Meet the Knitter segment! Thank you!

What's knitting now

Emily - FLK vanilla socks in turtle purl self striping sock yarn Mistletoe Kisses colour way. AND Apex shawl by Knox Mtn Knit Co in Gauge dye works Knox Fade colourway

Hibernation -A joyful thread by silvia mcfadden in sweet fiber merino lace rose gold

Stephen West Speckle and Pop! Mystery KAL - out of all of the Sweet Georgia


Arne and Carlos Christmas Stocking

Harlow by Andrea Mowry

Graphic Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes


Woolly Lamb, Aeon Vest by Hillary Smith-Calis, Fintry shawl, Tulip bag, Irish Fougasse

FO’s -

Emily - The doodler by Stephen West in green, gold and purple by Sweet Fibre. Vanilla socks with turtle purls self striping sock yarn on a sparkle base. They’re amazeballs. blanket for baby. Friendship Shawl by Sylvia McFadden in Hinterland Range Honey.

Karla - Mark’s hat

Design features

Emily- Bad stitch count on Apex. Ripped back to add extra lace motif to Friendship

Karla - snowman hat had no buffer, blip in brioche

Talky Talk

Emily - I Mailed out prizes!!!! Still one waiting to get to kelowna, but it has made it to kelowna and should be delivered soon.

Karla - Summer Knitting Bingo Winners! tech editing


Casting Off - Nicole R Dickson

The Knitting Circle - Ann Hood


New KALs for 2018! We’re 6 months in!

#committoknit2018 - Plus I”m going to make minis out of my handspun tidbits.

#revelinknit2018 - keep up with your selfcare knitting!


Thinking about 2019...


Emily -. Did wwsip, then lent my wheel to Sarah at my LYS I’ll get it back for the new year for all of my plans

Karla - Went to the Spin In - Enhanced the stash

Best laid plans

Emily - Commit to knit is almost in the bag. Apex, Vanilla socks and one more pair of socks Thinking about making them with a pattern to spice things up, but I’m worried about being able to knit them while visiting in Dec.. After that do the t shirt for a yarn review, and start spinning for a sweater. Promised Ains a cardigan with all the buttons we see at the LYS.

Karla - knitmas, stockings, secret santa, gift exchange


Emily -Making halloween bags, put the handles on wrong, but got the button holes in for lights so it all works out. Also have started a knit night in Sooke and it’s taken off!

Karla -

Stash Enhancement

Emily- Nothing that I can think of…

Karla - Knitscene, targee, wool/alpaca

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- Will not pee. Walking, Abandonment for Chicago. Bedtime drama all the time.

Karla- Babes leveled up!

Inquiring minds

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