Episode 56 - Who Wants Some Brisket?!


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Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits, EmilyTheTechEditor - Instagram, and Emily Tech Edits Ravelry.

Shout outs

Kimberly sent us a sweet email telling us how much she loves the podcast! She has been loving the things she ordered from Sarah from RIV Creative and suggested we check out Sweet Skein O Mine in NS. We did, and the yarn looks AMAZING! Definitely worth a trip to the ole etsy store!

Also Hello to Ravelers Steph, Allison and Carla!

Introduce yourself in the Ravelry group or leave us a review on itunes or google play music or send us an email with feedback at mail@relentlessknitting.com We’d also love to hear from you in our “Meet a Knitter” thread.

What's knitting now

Emily - Smock Madness by elisabeth white in West Coast Colour sock yarn in an orange.

Playdate Cardigan by Tin Can Knits in Flamingo Lounge colour way by TINK

Friendship Shawl by Silivia McFadden out of Berocco Vintage chunky.

A joyful thread by silvia mcfadden in sweet fiber merino lace rose gold

Karla -

Fidra - Gudrun Johnston

Copy.Cat C.C beanie by Emily Ingrid

Mini Cooper by Ginny Sturdy for my Dad

Soooo many Swatches!


Woolly Lamb,

Aeon Vest by Hillary Smith-Calis,

Tulip bag,

Fougasse by Bristol Ivy - 2 sleeves & almost at raglan decreases.

My cup of tea socks - Robyn Lynn for my Mom

Fintry - Knox Mountain Knit Co

Harlow by Andrea Mowry

Graphic Socks by Melissa Morgan Oakes

FO’s -

Emily -Red Heart it’s a wrap knit for Edie by Isabell Kramer

Vanilla socks in Sweet Georgia with a FLK heel

Karla - Casa Loma Vest as a shop sample for Kelowna Yarn, by Casa Loma Jacket by Sachiko Burgin, West Yorkshire Spinners Re:treat Chunky Roving

Design features

Emily- Gauge smage! Playdate cardigan needs to restart. Forgot a few smocks in Smock madness. A joyful thread - Frog pond

Karla - moss stitch


Audiobook - Sally Goldenbaum

Talky Talk

Emily - 5 winners for CommitToKnit so everyone will get something, they’ll just need to be patient… :D

Karla - Thinking a lot about my knitting to do list : write a gauge blog post to share with the guild, lesson plan for the sorrento retreat, tech editor course, yarn okanagan planning, cool arts collaborations.

Taught a coworker to knit!


Thinking about 2019...

#committoknit2018 - I’ll close the thread on my birthday, jan 23. I’m done! I took an extra 3 days

#revelinknit2018/9 - keep up with your selfcare knitting!

Signed up for the Wet Coast Wools year long bingo.


Emily -. Ordered 3D bobbins for my sweater spin.

Karla -Finished the Rambouillet spin from knitmas 2019. Another spin for a shawl set ongoing.

Best laid plans

Emily - SOCK MADNESS, Canal Rings, Exploration Station.

Karla - get back to the hibernation list, last things to organize for YO


Emily - When warping goes wrong.

Karla - 4/6 project bags finished and a sock snake

Stash Enhancement

Emily- Vegas Yarn from Hubs.

Karla -

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- Sleeping better. All the sicknesses.

Karla - bunkbed

Inquiring minds

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