Episode 62 - COVID ZOOM


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Karla - K-Rae on Ravelry and Karlacrafts on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Emily - EmGemKnits, EmilyTheTechEditor - Instagram, and EmilyTechEdits Ravelry.

Shout outs

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What's knitting now

Emily - Moose by Susan B Anderson, A Joyful thread by Silvia McFadden in Sweet Fibre Merino Lace Singles in rose gold colour.

Karla -

My Wallflower bag by Katherine Paddison

FO’s -

Emily - Wohin? Socks by Caouah Coffee in Cauldron by Sweet Georgia, and Electric Blue by Fat Marmot Knits

Vanilla handspun socks. Handspun Totally inked fibre.

Karla -

Abi’s socks/My favorite vanilla socks by Meghan Schmaltz

Baby Cardi

Tiny Treasure Baby Bonnet - Kate Atherly

Design features

Emily- none as of now…

Karla - all good


None - Started the new book in the series of Seaside Knitters : A murderous tangle by Sally Goldenabum


Emily - I brought it out. The Hoobs have been messing with my fibre.

Karla - wheel’s with Colin


Emily - Just knitting… and gardening and ALL the baking

Karla - Embroider everything

Stash Enhancement

Emily- One skein of Okanagan Dye works in the Joe exotic colour way.

Karla - Craftyjaks fibre

Best laid plans

Emily - sweaters galore. No real plans. Probably some socks. Joined a shawl group on fb and I’m super inspired.

Karla - Sweater, toe-up socks, market bag, finish all the sweaters! Start more sweaters!


2020 - focus -DONE

Talky Talk

Emily -Sill have commit to knit prizes in the back of my head. One day I will send out prizes. coming up. ← That.

Karla - Yarn Okanagan - Cancelled, watch social media for vendor promotions beginning of June

Okanagan Knitting Retreat - Cancelled

Adventures in Mommyhood

Emily- back to being a SAHM

Karla - screaming/moaning/baby talk/general noise/so sick

Inquiring minds

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