Oli Bridge On Using Personalized Video To Grow Donor Relationships


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Oli Bridge joins us to talk about the power of personalization, and how nonprofits are using personalized video to close the gap between givers and the good and increase giving. Oli heads up Bonjoro’s marketing team. He has worked in SaaS for the last 12 years - his first job was in Customer Success with a media startup, Gorkana, who made a successful exit to Cision for £25m during his time there. After starting and failing with his first solo venture, Oli joined Bonjoro in 2016, sold by the founder’s vision to grow Bonjoro into a global success and customer-centric company in the grain of Zappos. Oli spends his time thinking of new ways to spread the simple ethos of Bonjoro: automate processes, not relationships. https://www.linkedin.com/in/olibridge/ https://www.bonjoro.com/videofunnelplaybook

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