*Special Release* Responsive Fundraising: The Donor-Centric Framework


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On this episode, we're joined by Gabe Cooper and Mckenna Bailey to discuss their new book Responsive Fundraising: The Donor-Centric Framework Helping Today’s Leading Nonprofits Grow Giving

Gabe Cooper is the Founder and CEO of Virtuous, a software platform helping nonprofits grow giving. Gabe has a true passion for creating market-defining software and helping charities reimagine generosity.

Throughout Responsive Fundraising, readers will learn what the data tells us about the modern donor and their generosity habits. They will receive step-by-step responsive fundraising plays they can implement right away to improve their current fundraising tactics. Plus, they’ll get a look into how responsive nonprofits are shifting their internal teams to create a more collaborative, successful organization.

Get a free copy of the book here ~ https://www.virtuouscrm.com/responsivebook/

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