Spotting and Avoiding Coronavirus Scams, Ep # 135


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We all know that scammers are out there looking for the next opportunity to prey on their targets. The Coronavirus isn’t just a worldwide pandemic, for scammers its an opportunity to try new scams. On this episode of Retirement Starts Today you’ll learn how to spot a Coronavirus scam, stimulus check scam, and a grandparent scam. I also have lots of links to resources for you to learn more about this topic so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page when you’re done listening.

Outline of This Episode
  • [1:02] Thanks for coming to the webinar
  • [6:02] How to Coronavirus scams
  • [13:22] Stimulus check scams
  • [15:07] Grandparent scams
I’m holding office hours

Since we are all experiencing heightened stress and worry during this pandemic I thought I would try something new. On Friday 4/17 at 10:30 am CDT I’m holding office hours so that we can chat and discuss all things retirement. I’ve had many attendees during my recent webinars, but they aren’t very interactive. During this Zoom meeting, you’ll be able to ask questions. If you are nearing retirement and have worries about the virus, the markets, or anything retirement-related this will a great place to bring your questions. So please join me here on Friday 4/17 at 10:30 CDT

The Coronavirus is a great time for scammers

Anytime is a good time for scammers, but people are even more susceptible to scams during times of stress. The Coronavirus has brought stress upon us all so scammers are having a field day. A plethora of new scams have sprung up during the past few months. These scams range the gamut from apps with viruses, phishing emails, Robo phone calls, and so many others. Listen in to hear how to identify a Coronavirus scam and find out what you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from these tricksters.

Stimulus payment scams

The thought of $1200 per person has scammers ready to pounce. Your stimulus check is not in the mail. Paper checks won’t arrive until May. If you receive a paper check for more than you were expecting it’s probably a scam. Remember the IRS call, text, or email you to ask you for your bank account information. If you need information about your stimulus check go directly to their website

Grandparent scams with a new Coronavirus twist

Grandma, I’m sick in the hospital, please wire money right away! Grandpa, I’m stuck overseas and can’t get home, please send me money! These old scams can pull at the heartstrings even more in these challenging times. You are probably savvy enough not to fall for these types of tricks but maybe someone you know and love could be easy prey. Do them a favor and educate them about these tactics. Listen in to hear about all the different types of Coronavirus scams and what you can do to help the ones you love not fall for them.

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