Xenogears 39: Monotheism is Not on the Menu [Shevat's Move + Broken Ties]


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Let's go, Fei. In this episode we're acting on Emperor Cain's directions, concluding managers are no longer needed, denying mental health issues exist, selecting Ramsus as our favorite tool, realizing we're our own subordinate, registering as tenants in the room of cowardice, using our girlfriend as brain armor, defining The Coward and The Bully, encasing dangerous friends in carbonite, participating in apologetic group therapy, dismissing logic lords, downgrading to Steel Giant, and reading Grahf's sorrow. Don't acknowledge me when I put my headphones on.

00:49 - Intro 03:24 - Citan apologizes for everything 05:36 - Cain and Citan wrap things up in the JPEG Room 15:02 - Yggdrasil Confessions 18:50 - Citan versus Id 25:09 - Shevat consortium -or- The Fei Problem 31:42 - Knives out in the Shevat computer room 37:45 - Incarceration resolution 44:56 - Gear hanger reconciliation 47:46 - Gazel Ministry Technosphere Theater, Part IX 50:15 - Digesting the latest Gazel Gossip 57:35 - Ramsus psyches himself even more up 01:01:15 - Vendetta versus Weltall 01:05:09 - Shot down 01:08:20 - Outro 01:11:45 - Interviewing twin four year olds about Super Smash Bros, Part II

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