Episode #296: Welcome to the ‘Agent Carter’ Era


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Welcome to our Agent Carter introduction episode. We are all excited to get started and experience all that Peggy has to offer, whether it’s the first time or the 91st.

Here is your cast of superfans and newbies for Agent Carter:

Superfans: Danielle 🍷🍕, Natalie, Karen, Maj, Kristen

Newbies: Brittany, Ariana, Nasim, Mitch

Let’s get started:

– What’s ReWatchable?

– The rules: 1. One TV episode per podcast episode

2. Two newbies and two superfans (hopefully!)


4. Please give us feedback and share the love!

5. We love Agent Carter and want to support all those loyal fans that are crossing

all their fingers for more from Peggy someday!

– Meet the hosts!

– Karen: Superfan, editor, Teen Wolf, fun fact: Tony Stark is her favorite character, and Iron Man 3 is her favorite MCU movie.

– Danielle 🍷🍕: Host #1, social media professional, YA book lover, Chicagoan, Chris Evans fangirl, fun fact: Captain America: The First Avenger is her favorite MCU movie.

– Natalie: Host #2, Captain America fangirl, lots of hosting and editing, Supernatural, Australian, fun fact: Natalie has a top 5 Marvel movie list, and Cap features highly in that list.

– Kristen: Superfan (FOR THE FIRST TIME!), coverer of cancelled shows, likes a variety of MCU heroes/films, writes about Legacies, romance, and reality shows for Hypable, fun fact: It is the year of Rage by Cora Carmack, and that has taken over her life.

– Mitch: Newbie!, shipper, video game writer for Hypable, web design student, friend, awesome human.

– The people who couldn’t be here:

– Maj: Our most loyal fan and listener who turned into a host for Buffy and will be a superfan for Agent Carter.

– Ariana: Danielle 🍷🍕’s Hypable buddy, a wonderful, sassy Slytherin, who will be a newbie… again.

– Brittany: Broadway baby, dedicated TV lover, and a newbie for Agent Carter.

– Nasim: Has a brilliant mind, a wonderful heart, and we are so excited for her to be a regular on ReWatchable for Agent Carter!

Listener Feedback:

– Thank you for all your 😍 reactions to our Agent Carter announcement!

– And for your wonderful three-word reviews. We definitely agree with a lot of them.

Get ready for our episode all about Peggy’s role in Captain America: The First Avenger, coming your way soon!

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