Episode #298: ‘Agent Carter’ 1×01 — She's My Spider-Man


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ReWatchable finaly meets Peggy Carter as the hero of her own story Agent Carter season 1, episode 1, “Now is Not the End.”

Superfans: Danielle and Karen

Newbies: Nasim and Ariana

Fun Facts:

Karen actually got emotional during Captain America: The First Avenger. Ariana wants to make sure you know Mitch is the one looking at all your emails. Nasim could totally survive the apocalypse. Danielle is probably definitely getting an Agent Carter tattoo by the end of our run!

Agent Carter season 1, episode 1, “Now Is not the End”:

– Was the flashback necessary? Does it add or detract to Peggy’s arc?

– CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY IS IN THIS! Ariana has some theories.

– How do we feel about Sousa standing up for Peggy?

– Peggy’s relationship with her co-workers was a lot more overtly gross in the one-shot.

– What sort of role could Howard Stark have moving forward?

– The newbies are HERE for Howard.

– But how does resident Tony Stark fan Karen feel about him?

– We’re introduced to Jarvis!

– Ariana appreciates his work-life balance.

– Let’s meet some other characters.

– Angie is pretty fun, but do we want more of her?

– Like father, like son: Howard’s inventions are being stolen.

– What do we think about Peggy’s blond wig and American accent?

– How do we feel about Peggy using her feminine wiles to win the day?


– And how did she know how much to add to the solution?

– We’re a little frustrated by Colleen’s death.

– Peggy and Jarvis aren’t being very covert.

– Iron Man 2 reference!

– Is there too much exposition in this episode?

– Did you catch the reference to the Roxxon Corporation?

– Do the action sequences add anything to the show and the characters?

– How did we feel about how Peggy stood up for Angie?

– Jarvis and Howard have some secret secrets.

– Would this episode have kept the newbies watching if they’d seen it live?

– Would Agent Carter be more successful if they’d aired it today?

– What if it had been on a different network or platform?

– Could Peggy be Tony’s mom?

– The styling in this show is fantastic.

– Favorite Scenes

– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

– We’ll have some soon!

Ariana’s Assumptions and Nasim’s Narrative

– Agent Carter season 1, episode 2, “Bridge and Tunnel”

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