Episode #299: ‘Agent Carter’ 1×02 — Not Enough Legs


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The ReWatchable newbies assemble to tackle Agent Carter season 1, episode 2, “Bridge and Tunnel.”

Superfan: Natalie

Newbies: Mitch and Brittany and Nasim

Fun Facts:

Mitch recently played a Smash Bros. tournament and GOT FIRST PLACE! He is a winner! Everyone wants to be his friend. But he’s ours. Sorry. Nasim had an awkward Smash related incident where someone just wanted to join her friend’s birthday party during the cake cutting to play. And he did. But Nasim’s real fun fact is that she had peanut-peanut butter-brownies today. Brittany needed to recover from a family wedding and watched One Day at a Time season 3 and YOU. SHOULD. TOO. And Natalie’s real fun fact is that she will be headed to the US of A, to see two live events with the cast of Schitt’s Creek and see the land of Peggy and Steve.

Agent Carter season 1, episode 2, “Bridge and Tunnel”

– Synopsis

– Mitch actually thought that he was using his psychic powers… that wasn’t just for the doc notes

– Keep an eye on the science

– Super heroes are not exactly a thing yet in 1946… after all, Tony Stark is not born yet

– This is the second part of the two-hour premiere

– Peggy is now homeless and her diner friend Angie is trying to get her into the cool girls club

– Jarvis and Peggy are giving us an intro their characters through their interactions

– And their pairing gives Peggy the lone hero storyline, pushing the emotional wisdom role on Jarvis

– Sousa – Hydra or in love or none of the above

– Peggy remains 10 steps ahead and takes charge of the milk van investigation on her own

– Then how does this counter her office persona?

– Could we have saved Nana’s wrist watch?

– Howard Stark’s personality profile – is he innocent?

– A lot about Chad Michael Murray, honestly I could not keep track of what happened here

– What is Leviathan?

– Are we leveling up to get to the big bad? Team voice box has been disbanded


– Jarvis skill review: 7.5/10

– Full circle back to Jarvis and Peggy and how this links back to the loss of Steve

– And now Peggy has a home!

– License plate, radio dramas, and the Captain America legacy

– Favorite Scenes

– Favorite Lines

Listener Feedback:

– I don’t think we’ll go beyond 3 hours, but glad to know you’ll listen

– J.J. Feild!

– Agent Carter is universally missed and needed

Mitch’s Musings and Brittany’s Brainstorms AND Nasim’s Narrative

– Agent Carter season 1, episode 3, “Time and Tide”

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