Episode #300: ReWatchable Podcast turns 6 years old!


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ReWatchable‘s current hosts gather together to celebrate 300 episodes and six full years of podcasting!

Hosts: Ariana, Brittany, Danielle, Karen, Kristen, Maj, Mitch, Natalie, and Nasim

ReWatchable celebrates 300 episodes and 6 years!

– We spend several minutes talking about how we’re LIVE ON AIR.

– We’ve been doing this for a LONG time.

– And yet every single one of us is a hot mess.

– How’s everyone feeling? Let’s reflect.

– We share some stories. This podcast has been a JOURNEY.

– Karen has some fun facts related to our first ever episode.

– So many things have changed. And yet nothing at all.

– Karen’s also got a game.

– Can you guess our LONGEST and SHORTEST episodes, plus our TOTAL recorded hours?

– PSA: There was a of math involved. If it was wrong, please don’t tell her.

– Brittany’s also got a game!

– Hers is more fun and it tests everyone’s knowledge of our episodes.

– We get a lot wrong. BUT WE GET A LOT RIGHT.

– We answer a few questions from loyal hosts and loyal listeners.

– There’s gonna be a ReWatchable Facebook group! And you’re all invited!!

– We give away seasons 1 and 2 of Agent Carter to a lucky listener.

Listener Feedback:

– Shelly has been listening for SIX YEARS.

– Cassandra discovered so many new shows thanks to ReWatchable.


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