Episode #308: ‘Agent Carter’ 2×02 – The Least Offensive Leisure Mobile


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The ReWatchable crew is back to discuss Agent Carter season 2, episode 2, “A View in the Dark.”

Superfans: Natalie

Newbies: Kendra and Brittany

Fun Facts:

KENDRA JOINS THE GROUP! She will be sticking around for the rest of our Agent Carter run. After we grill her on our past shows, Kendra tells us all about her trip to Morocco. She rode a camel! And saw Captain Marvel in French and can say that Flerken is the same in both languages. Brittany is having a bad go of it with entertainment, both TV and theater. Natalie is celebrating her birthday and can now communicate with children (these two things are not related).

Agent Carter season 2, episode 2, “A View in the Dark”

-A short and a long synopsis

-What do we think about Mrs. Jarvis?

-Jarvis’ home workout video, coming to VHS soon

-Rose, Violet – more women!

-How do we feel about the boys?

-Season 1 vs season 2 – how are we feeling?

-Legit fear – powerful, silent partners controlling the world

-Did we think Jason was a contender for Peggy or suspicious party?

-Peggy and Sousa, what will these two kids get themselves into this season?

-Howard and the Grand Master, can you imagine?

-What could have happened to Howard Stark?

-What haven’t Tony and Vision hugged?

-Hedy Lamarr and Whitney Frost, who are they?

-Oh, we have some old interviews to share!

-Ban creepy space goo

-Jason spills his story, Brittany remains suspicious (trust no one)

-Jarvis vs Bernard – available soon PPV

-Peggy and Jason run into some casual racism

-Pins are more than fashion


-We solve Endgame

-Sousa tells Violet about his job, such a sweet boy

-Ana and Peggy, we love them

-Outstanding questions

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:

–Highlander, add it to the list

-Could Endgame ruin all the work Agent Carter accomplished?

Kendra’s Kickin’ Thoughts and Brittany’s Brainstorms:

–Agent Carter season 2, episode 3, “Better Angels”

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