Episode #310: ‘Agent Carter’ 2x04 - Jarvelous!


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The ReWatchable crew is going way back in time to find out how Peggy Carter became Peggy Carter in Agent Carter season 2, episode 4, "Smoke and Mirrors."

WARNING: This episode may contain Endgame spoilers!

Superfans: Natalie and Maj

Newbies: Kendra and Brittany

Fun Facts:

Kendra is in a production of Little Shop and the director just quit so she is rehearsing all the time! Natalie is campaigning for Chris Evans to star in a musical or at the very least star in the new Loki series as Loki playing Cap. Brittany is now officially a Thor superfan. Maj is heading to Oslo to see a WWE wrestling match!

We're watching and discussing Agent Carter in timeline that the Russo Brothers confirmed still happened despite the events of Endgame.

Agent Carter season 2, episode 4, "Smoke and Mirrors"


-Flashback episodes - love 'em or hate 'em?

-Peggy flashbacks:

-Baby Peggy is a knight in shining armor

-Bletchley Park crackin' codes and getting rocks

-Engagement parties all end in tears

-The final push to Peggy's career

-Fred is the Riley of this show

-Michael is the MVP here, but unfortunately meets his end

-Whitney had to pave her own way in this world - and she did it with a smile groan

-Is this a great villain story? Or cool motive, still murder.

-Wasting notebook paper is the biggest crime here

-Back to the present - Rufus takes some tranq that is reserved for the evil koalas

-Ethics of interrogation

-Sousa is a part of the team!

-Are Peggy and Wilkes going to have a Ghost moment?


-What is actually going on with the science here? Will Whitney explode?

-Jack commands a lot of our attention here (sorry)

-Favorite Scenes

-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:

-We're sorry it took so long for our episode release!

-Jack is the perfect recruit for HYDRA?

-Actually, the more we think about it, he really is.

-Veronica Mars is the perfect late-July treat!

Brittany's Brainstorms and Kendra's Creeping Suspicions:

-Agent Carter season 2, episode 5, "The Atomic Job"

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