Episode #312: ‘Agent Carter’ 2×06 – Jack’s not Hydra, ok?!


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The ReWatchable crew chats about and flails over Agent Carter season 2, episode 6, “Life of the Party.”
WARNING: This Agent Carter discussion may contain Endgame spoilers!

Superfans: Natalie, Maj, and Danielle
Newbies: Ariana
Fun Facts:
Ariana’s crew got second place in a big mariachi competition this weekend (although they totally should’ve gotten first). Maj hopes that Tyrion Lannister dies in the Game of Thrones series finale. Natalie is also fired up about Game of Thrones but doesn’t want to talk about it. Danielle will be going to NYC in two weeks and will be taking herself on a Marvel tour of the city (including a few Agent Carter-related stops).

We’re watching and discussing Agent Carter in the timeline that the Russo Brothers confirmed still happened despite the events of Endgame.
Agent Carter season 2, episode 6, “Life of the Party”
-Danielle sings this week’s synopsis (because of course she does).
-Is Jason Wilkes’ behavior being affected by the zero matter, or is he just not great by default? Or should we attribute it to the trauma he’s been subjected to/going through?
-Calvin Chadwick is so transparent. Whitney should have knownhis meeting idea was a trick. Perhaps her believing him is an indication that they had a solid relationship pre-marriage/him cheating on her.
-Danielle fiiiiiiiiiinally found that interview with the actor who plays Calvin Chadwick. Natalie was the one who wrote it! 🤦🏻‍♀️
-Ana Jarvis is rightfully protective over her husband.
-We like our men best when they look like they’ve been run over by a train. Which is clearly why we’re totally into Sousa now.
-Where in the world is Dottie Underwood being held?
-Ok, so Peggy’s idea is the worst idea in the history of the world (let alone Agent Carter), right?
-Margaret Elizabeth Carter, when will the madness end?!
-Jarvis is a great fundraiser date, but absolutely not a great date for a world-class killer.
-A wild Jack Thompson appears! (A wild Jack Thompson who is definitely not Hydra.)
-Jack is the smartest person in the room at the fundraiser and does nothing wrong.
-A lot of this episode hinges on Jack’s perception and respect of Peggy, as well as his reaction to all of the dumb decisions she makes in this episode.
-Jack and Jarvis: Enemies to lovers?
-Natalie wants to do terrible things to Head of Roxxon Hugh Jones, but definitely not in the way you’d think.
-Dottie’s finally finding someone that she fears makes the scenes with Whitney at the end of the episode all the more terrifying.
-How are we feeling about Daniel/Peggy in his confessional scene?
-Sousa is definitely not a sad sack anymore.
-Could Sousa have saved his relationship with and engagement to Violet while also still loving Peggy?
-The answers to our questions are all in Sousa’s eyes.
-Murder murder, everywhere.
-For the umpteenth time, no, Jack’s not in Hydra.
-Should Peggy, Jack, and Sousa all trust each other by this point?
-We just want more Jack, okay?
-Favorite Scenes
-Favorite Lines

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Listener Feedback:
-We’re 3000% here for more Rose
-Don’t writers rooms get free lunch catered every day anyway? (And also, who’s saying Tony instead of Howard?)
-Everyone is actually pretty disappointed that there won’t be any more Violet going forward. She could’ve been so much more.
Ariana’s Answers:
Agent Carter season 2, episode 7, “Monsters”
-Another Game of Thrones conversation, but this one actually brings our whole podcast episode full circle!
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