Episode #319: ‘Veronica Mars’ 2.0 Introduction - She's BACK!


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We really couldn’t be more pumped to be able to record more Veronica Mars discussion with Hulu’s release of season 4 just a few short weeks ago!
We won’t really have the same superfan and newbie designations since we’ve all seen Veronica Mars seasons 1-3 and the movie, so just come hang out with us as we discuss each episode of season 4 every week.

Fun Facts:
Kendra got to be at the Veronica Mars panel at SDCC a few weeks ago, and she tells us all about how awesome it was. Ariana just saw Gabrielle the other day, who was a host on the first round of Veronica Mars on ReWatchable, which is just so timely and wonderful. Maj found out that her cousin is having a baby! That’s always fun. Kristen is geeking out about Alexis Denisof (Wesley Wyndam-Pryce from Buffy) being on Legacies season 2! Karen (and Kristen) just watched Jupiter Ascending (written and directed by the Wachowskis) and it has three Sense8 cast members in it, so if you’re missing seeing them on your screen, check it out! (It’s on U.S. Netflix at the moment.)
Veronica Mars: Introduction Discussion
-We’re really excited to jump back into this show. All of our hosts have seen seasons 1-3 and the movie, but not all of us have watched season 4 yet, so we have some sorta newbies at the moment (that’s subject to change), but we won’t really have the division between superfans and newbies for this session.
-The Veronica Mars (round 1) introduction episode can be found here.
-The Veronica Mars movie discussion episode can be found here.
-Our structure will still be one episode at a time, no matter how much of the season we’ve all seen.
-We will be spoiler-free for each episode, so keep that in mind for all your feedback and discussions in ReWatchable’s ReWinders!
-We each take a second to talk about what we are most excited to see in season 4.
-There’s definitely a little shipping going on, some mystery fun, a lot of love for Papa Mars, and love for all things growth and development.
-Do we want to see more Veronica Mars after this?

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Listener Feedback:
We asked people how they are getting ready for VMars on Twitter:
-Some were rewatching old eps AND listening to our old VMars eps!
-Some were doing a complete re-watch/read of all the VMars related things.
-And check out our poll!

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