Episode #321: ‘Veronica Mars’ 4x02 - Has Veronica Found Her Protégé?


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The ReWatchable hosts have come together to discuss Veronica Marsseason 4, episode 2, “Chino and the Man.”

Fun Facts: Kendra’s dog does an incredible Hopper impression. Kristen is fangirling over her most anticipated book of the year, Rage by Cora Carmack, which comes out VERY SOON. It’s WAY too hot for Ariana to record in her car like the old days. Danielle is very excited about the ACE Chicago Comic Con 2019 lineup and is excited to see if she can get interviews with any of them.

Veronica Mars season 4, episode 2, “Chino and the Man”:
-Some of us were faked out by Dick’s death, and some of us totally saw it coming.
-Dick Casablancas, action movie star is a successful future we can totally see working for him.
-Danielle is happy to have him back, since he was absent from the first episode.
-The youngest Maluf does not act mature enough to have been engaged. He’s acting like a 12 year old in mourning over his fingers, when he should be mourning the loss of the love of his life.
-Logan gets himself in a huge fight, but it’s in a much more controlled, un-Logan-like way.
-“Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” is the perfect song for this scene.
-Maddie: Is she Veronica 2.0 or is she just acting out in grief?
-Hi Liam Fitzpatrick. Long time no confrontation.
-Veronica pulls a gun on Liam much like Logan did to get Veronica out of the River Stix bar way back when. Parallels for the win.
-Our overall impressions of the episode and the season so far.
-Favorite scenes and favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
-Why did they make Percy’s daughter play his son in the series? That’s interesting.
-Hayley Atwell may be appearing in Agents of Shield‘s final season. Does this mean there’s a future in which Agent Carter finally gets a season 3?!
Predictions for Veronica Mars season 4, episode 3, “Keep Calm and Party On.”

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