Episode #323: ‘Veronica Mars’ 4x04 - Fictional Affairs Only


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The ReWatchable hosts return to discuss Veronica Mars season 4, episode 4, “Heads You Lose.”

Fun facts: Maj did some grave cleaning. Ariana read a book. Danielle still remembers every word of Pirates of the Caribbean.
Veronica Mars season 4, episode 4, “Heads You Lose”:
-Sarah Hyland flirts with Dick and some people don’t know who she is. Shame.
-Ghosts of cases past trip to Chino.
-Were we surprised by anyone we saw?
-Tim the TA is now a jailhouse lawyer.
-Mercer is still gross.
-Keith finds out Big Dick is buying up seaside businesses by using shell companies pretending to be Mom and Pop shops.
-A guy wakes up with a bomb strapped to him.
-This will be seared into our brains forever.
-The FBI is here and so is super hot Leo Dimatto.
-He brings Veronica food!
-But he’s also kind of a creepy and terrible person?
-Book plot shout out: Veronica working with Leo on the rape case at the Neptune Grand.
-Leo and Veronica have a heart to heart about their love lives and snacks
-Logan is VERY OG Logan in this episode with all of his snark.
-Weevil saves Veronica.
-To be fair, she was kind of dumb.
-Matty is hanging out with the Murderheads.
-This is maybe not a good thing.
-Maluf’s mom hires Vinnie Van Lowe to find the fiance’s ring.
-Veronica catches Clyde at the hardware store.
-This was honestly a stretch.
-Clyde is becoming friends with Keith.
-Clyde is so CHARMING.
-The senator is having nightmares about the fiance’s brothers he had killed by the cartel guys and now he’s on edge.
-The Pizza Guy blames Big Dick for the bombings at the city council meeting.
-Oh, and one more thing. Chlamydia.
-Favorite scenes
-Favorite lines

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Listener Feedback:
-Justice for Corny lives on.
Maj’s Meditations for Veronica Mars season 4, episode 5, “Losing Streak.”
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